Fantastic new games & inspired students? Yes, that is VIDI X Game Dev Challenge 2024!

VIDI X Game Dev Challenge 2024 winners delighted the jury with advanced and exciting games developed for VIDI X microcomputer.

VIDI X proudly announces the winners of the Game Dev Challenge 2024! This challenge collected numerous applications from schools that use VIDI X in computer science classes, with the aim of encouraging innovation and creativity.

First place: Team “3D_Owls”, for the game “Car Race”.
An exciting game that brings the old-school video game experience to life. Being able to compete against friends, each on their own VIDI X console, is not only technically impressive, but also a lot of fun. The local multiplayer is technically excellent. This game brought us back to the era when we played car races on an old CRT monitor.

Second place: Team “LeTiM” , for the game “Pi Destructor”. A refreshing fusion of the classic Space Invaders game with the mathematical element of numbers. Pi Destructor is a cool blend of a cult classic game and math that brings a refreshing twist to a familiar formula. While there are technical aspects that need improvement, the underlying idea and execution is impressive.

Third place: Team “GVG”, for the game “Expanded Cross-Cross”.
A refresh of a well-known game: if you don’t have paper and pen, you can always play tic-tac-toe on VIDI X! An interesting performance with the use of buttons to change the color of writing.

The winners were selected by an expert jury based on the criteria of originality, quality of technical performance, and fun, playability and learning.

The winning teams win valuable prizes sponsored by White Shark, and the first-placed team also wins a cash prize in the amount of €1,000. In addition to material prizes, the teams also win the opportunity to present their game to other VIDI X users, students and teachers who also use VIDI X in computer science classes.

“We are impressed by the quality and creativity of the applications we received,” said Tomislav Kotnik, VIDI CEO. “The Game Development Challenge is a great way to encourage students and teachers to think about creative ways to use the VIDI X microcomputer. We congratulate all the winners and look forward to making their games available for use by the VIDI X community of teachers and students around the world.”

Soon, schools that use VIDI X in their classroom will be able to download and use the code of these exciting new games! Stay tuned for further updates.