Technical School Ruđer Bošković Starts Specialist Courses for its Students on VIDI X Microcomputers!

Thanks to the generous donation by PRODIGITAL, the Ruđer Bošković Technical School was among the first to receive a VIDI X classroom equipped with the first Croatian microcomputer and began systematic and extensive courses in working on VIDI X microcomputers.

The school used the VIDI manual developed by the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science specifically for training computer science teachers. At Ruđer Bošković, students will, after the basic training, also engage in advanced projects using the VIDI X microcomputer.  Fran, Luka, Leo, Dora, Mia and the other 14 students participating in the summer courses turned a deaf ear to calls to take a break, until pizzas arrived that allowed us to momentarily distract them from working with their VIDI X microcomputers.

It is commendable that the school itself organized these courses for its students, and they will span nearly 270 hours as part of the Regional Center of Competence project, which is what this school has become.