VIDI X at the Arca 2022 Innovation Exhibition

The Croatian Association of Innovators hosted the ARCA 2022 exhibition on October 13-15, 2022 at the National and University Library in Zagreb.

The exhibition showcased over 200 captivating innovations and technologies from diverse fields to the visitors. Exhibitors from the private and public sectors, academic institutions, scientific organizations, as well as innovative companies and start-ups from Croatia, Qatar, Germany, Turkey, China, Iran, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia participated in the event.

The ARCA innovation exhibition holds a cherished position as an intangible treasure of Croatia, having dedicated 20 years to the promotion and advancement of innovation.  It is recognized as one of the standout events on the International Federation of National Associations of Innovators (IFIA) calendar, further emphasizing its global significance in fostering innovation worldwide.

The 20th edition of the international innovation exhibition, Arca 2022, showcased the VIDI X microcomputer as one of its key highlights. 

As part of this year’s Arca exhibition, a dedicated VIDI X workshop was organized for innovators keen on presenting their solutions at upcoming domestic and international innovation fairs. The workshop aimed to provide a platform for participants to leverage VIDI X as a versatile tool in showcasing their creations and advancing their innovative ideas.

You can view the VIDI X presentation at Arca by visiting the following link.

A glimpse of the vibrant atmosphere at the VIDI X workshop.