VIDI X Delights Young Computer Scientists at Computer Association’s Summer Camp!

The widespread acceptance of VIDI X among educational institutions and organizations comes as no surprise. Its reputation as an exceptional multi-purpose microcomputer offers abundant learning opportunities and entertainment value for all. However, when the most talented Croatian computer scientists from the prestigious Zagreb Computer Association, known as the “breeding ground” for medalists at the International Science Olympiad, embrace VIDI X, it signifies something truly remarkable for us.

During the ZRS 2022 summer camp, which aimed to nurture gifted individuals, the VIDI X creativity workshops held a prominent position in the daily schedule. Notably, the workshops garnered significant interest not only from male participants but also from several female students. Among them, Rebekah, Petra, Lucija, Leona, Zoe, and others demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm and stood out during the sessions. Led by the creative and exceptionally talented young leader Ivan Patarčić, the workshops comprised seven groups with over 30 participants. Throughout the camp, they enhanced their understanding of the VIDI X microcomputer while developing innovative ideas for their projects.

According to Ivan, the workshops featured some amazing projects. They created a version of Snake and Sudoku, and even developed their own versions of Flappy Bird. One notable project was MSPaint, which unexpectedly resembled drawing with a real brush 🙂 due to a “bug” that caused the lines to vary in thickness based on the drawing direction. The reason for this remained a mystery even after a thorough analysis and Ivan jokingly remarked that this unique “feature” became the most impressive aspect of the project. He further mentions that the projects will be finalized during the autumn workshops. Ivan was impressed by the participants’ dedication, as they would stay for two or three extra hours after the workshop, showcasing their remarkable commitment to their work.

“The most significant challenge lies in taking the first step. You need to give them a gentle push and clear guidance to help them get started. Once they overcome this initial hurdle, they will find their own path and make progress independently”, said the camp manager.

Working with motivated participants is never a problem or a challenge, and it becomes effortless to inspire and engage them in creative endeavors when utilizing the VIDI X microcomputer.