VIDI X Now “Speaks” French!

VIDI X introduced to 18 vice-principals from French technical schools.

We already knew that VIDI X would pique the interest of anyone who tried it out and discovered that the only limitation when working with it is one’s creativity. Nonetheless, we are thrilled that 18 vice-principals from French schools worked with VIDI X and were impressed by it, and as a result, the first microcomputers will soon be making their way to France.

This development came about as part of the Erasmus+ project, “Erasmus+ pour plus d’éducation pour tous,” which brought the French vice-principals to the famous Nikola Tesla Technical School in Zagreb.

The main focus of the project was on inclusion, with discussions centering around ways to better include special needs students and women in STEM.

During the event, teachers Mario Banušić and Andreja Štancl, along with six students, conducted a workshop in English using the VIDI X microcomputer. The French guests were highly intrigued by the microcomputer’s capabilities and eager to learn more.

Vive la France!