VIDIX Takes Center Stage at the Renowned Croatian Robotics Association Camp!

The 2022 summer robotics camp, “Petica,” was once again a hit with participants this year. The event attracted 19 attendees from Zagreb, Križevci, Križ, Rijeka, Samobor, Kutina, Velika Gorica, and Slovenia. Set amidst the picturesque Kezela estate, the camp fused nature, technology, and sustainable development to create a unique experience. As always, a variety of engaging activities drew participants to this celebrated STEM summer event and VIDI X played a pivotal role in enriching the camp experience.

At the robotics workshops, participants were introduced to the VIDI X microcomputer and REV robots.

The VIDI X group learned to manage LEDs, both built-in and external. They programmed buttons to control the LED’s on/off functionality. Exploring further, they experimented with generating sounds, creating their own melodies and using the VIDI X as a piano. They also utilized the built-in temperature sensor to measure the room’s temperature. Then they did the same by connecting an external sensor to their VIDI X devices. Participants also became acquainted with displaying text and images on the TFT screen. Following these activities, the participants formed teams to work on their individual projects.

The following projects were successfully completed: (1) drone control, (2) utilizing VIDI X as a computer game controller, (3) chess game for two players with piece position verification, (4) keystroke reaction speed measurement game, (5) pong game, (6) button press challenge requiring a specific number of quick presses (7) a game where you navigate a dinosaur across a road, collecting points while avoiding cars. All participants demonstrated remarkable creativity, exceptional programming skills, and resourcefulness in tackling challenges and overcoming complex situations in their projects.

The primary objective of the REV group was to construct and program a robotic arm. To achieve this, on the initial day of the camp, they assembled a basic version to familiarize themselves with the building components and programming fundamentals. Following that, in pairs or groups of three, they constructed their individual robotic arms and independently learned about kinematics on their respective robots. To ensure optimal functionality of the robotic arms, the participants were instructed in the fundamentals of control systems and programmed PID controllers for their robots.

On the final day of the camp, each group showcased and presented their final projects to parents and other visitors. Subsequently, diplomas were awarded to all participants of the camp as a recognition of their accomplishments.

Congratulations from the VIDI X team! 🙂